Operator Food


In the department where you will be working (High Care), we make delicious lunch and meal salads. As Operator (we also call it line manager), you are responsible for setting up and operating the machine and you keep the total overview of the production line. You are the first point of contact for 6 to 12 production employees working on the line.

Your tasks:

  •   You start up the machine and set it to the right recipe, quantity, date, etc;
  •   You ensure that the correct film is present in the machine;
  •   You perform small-scale malfunction and/or maintenance activities to the machine and report any deviations;
  •   You perform cleaning tasks on the machine;
  •   You instruct and guide colleagues who work on the production line and you answer their questions;
  •   You also work on the production line and set the right example. 

It goes without saying that quality and safety are of paramount importance to you. You follow the regulations concerning quality assurance (HACCP) and carry out checks on this. You are a real team player! 

Working hours:

from 05:45 am until production is complete 

As of week 16-2022 (start high season)

  •  05:45 am – 14:30 pm
  •  14:00 – 23:00 pm

You are available on approximately 25 Saturdays a year (twice a month)

  • Have work experience in a similar position; 
  • Have sufficient technical insight to solve small breakdowns;
  • Feel good in a dynamic and sometimes hectic environment;
  • You know how to get to work and enjoy being physically active;
  • Can stand the cold (4 to 6 degrees);
  • Like to work fulltime in shifts (early and late or extended shifts) and is willing to work on Saturdays once every fortnight;
  • Have natural superiority, shows decisiveness, is result-oriented and flexible;
  • Have a good command of the Dutch or English or Polisch language.
  • You live in the Helmond/Eindhoven or Venray/Venlo area

This company was established in 1968 and is a producer of sliced vegetables, processed fruit, meal salads, lunch salads and traditional salads. Our products are easy, tasty, healthy and super fresh. We supply a wide range to supermarkets, fast food chains, wholesalers, catering companies and inflight caterers. 

The construction of our beautiful new 'processing plant of the future' is in full swing! It will be located in Venlo - North Limburg (Greenport area). The doors will open in mid-2023 and Venlo will therefore also become your new work location.

  • A starting salary up to 2600 gross per month
  • A varied job in a beautiful, healthy, dynamic and growing family business with a pleasant working atmosphere;
  • Various collective insurances, bicycle plan and company fitness;
  • Vegetable and fruit orders at a very reduced rate.
  • In the future a permanent contract (vast contract)

Bedrijfsnaam: Eindhoven
Contactpersoon: Perry Hendriks
Adres: Aalsterweg
Postcode/plaats: 5615 CH Eindhoven
Telefoon: 040 – 303 09 80
Email: perryhendriks@mail.werktalent.nl